First time client:

"My therapist did an outstanding job finding trigger points and working extra on them. She seemed very sensitive to how my muscles were responding to the pressure and I felt she went above and beyond while working the areas I requested attention to. I will definitely ask for her at my next visit to this location."

First time client:

"She was excellent at what she did. She was very precise in her actions and her interactions with the problem area muscles. The amount of pressure she used was awesome; just deep/firm enough to address but never beyond pain treshold. And afterwards she gave me a very thorough summary of what she found and thoughts on to what the problems could be attributed."

Lauren Smith: Loyal client for 9 years

"I have Fibromyalgia and think Martita is a marvel. I receive 2 hrs of therapeutic massage every week. She works out the knots in my muscles with very littile pain. On especially painful days she adjusts the pressure she uses to meet my pain tolerance. She is especially good with my neck and shoulder areas. Overall I think she has relieved my Fibromyalgia pain by up to 75%."

Ron Lotz, Major USAF (Ret.):

"This is my story how Martita Chavez changed my life through her gift for providing restorative and healing massage therapy. I feel compelled to share this amazing testimony with others seeking relief.

I'm a disabled veteran who has sustained numerous injuries after serving over 21 years on active duty with combat units in the US Air Force. After suffering a severe spinal cord injury in 1996, two emergency surgeries followed to repair damage to my lumbar vertebral region. I could walk again, but was left with chronic excruciating pain. And, while the pain management teams had done a great job helping me cope with the chronic joint and disc disease pain, some of the underlying issues causing unexplained pain remained. After a extensive MRI evaluation, my Pain Management docter suggested that I also try massage therapy to help resolve the muscular issues which were caused by the initial injury and trauma.

The results were immediate and profound. Before, working with Martita, I required cortisone injections every 4-6 months. The procedures provide some relief, but require several days of light duty and bed rest afterward. Now , by combining Martita's restorative and healing muscle massage therapy with traditional medical pain management treatment, my current lever of pain is even more manageable. I've not required a single back injection for well over a year. My quality of life has increased tremendously. I'm very pleased with the results. Martita will always be a trusted and key member of my health care support team."

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